Playing Sports with Braces

Some people are concerned that you cant play sports with braces; NOT TRUE. You can still enjoy playing your fave sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Dr. Nima Mir recommends that a mouthguard is worn to protect your teeth and the appliances. If you’re having trouble finding the right mouthguard for yourself, don’t hesitate to call York Orthodontics, we will help you get what you need to ensure the best protection. Remember, it is recommended to get an orthodontic mouth guard instead of a regular mouth guard. The orthodontic mouth guard is made of high grade silicone and is much different than a regular mouth guard. Orthodontic mouth guards are your best solution when it comes to protecting your teeth and braces from any injuries that can happen while playing sports. If you have braces, it is always best to wear your mouth guard even in low contact sports; you never know what can happen.

braces mouthguard for sports

Please call York Orthodontics if you have any other questions or concerns; Dr. Nima Mir and his team are here to assist you.